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– Digestive Health Formula –
Alpha Premium Bioactive Polysaccharide Health Supplement

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Health Concerns:
Protect Your Digestive System, Protect Your Health
Often taken for granted, the digestive system is expected to process, digest and absorb a wide diversity of foods – from cooked and raw, to processed, highly spiced, tough and tender – with little or no effort.  However, when digestive pain and cramping, wind and gassiness, bloating, nausea, poor regularity, or diarrhoea appear – then attention needs to be focussed on the eating habits that may have caused these distressing and uncomfortable symptoms.
Another more critical factor less likely to be considered but essential, is that long term poor digestion compromises the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients, which may lead over time, to a series of seemingly unrelated health issues.
It is only when digestive function is corrected and relieved with a balanced regular eating plan combined with appropriate herbal support that long term health, wellbeing, and energy levels can return. 
Simple dietary changes are the steps to digestive harmony:
·       Chew food thoroughly to aid digestion.  Small mouthfuls of food mean that digestive enzymes have an easier time of assimilating and assisting the absorption of vital micronutrients, as well as preventing food from ‘sitting’ in your stomach while it digests.
·       Develop the habit of eating small quantities at regular meal times rather than waiting until a late mealtime to eat large amounts of food.  This results in more efficient and comfortable food processing and assimilation.
·       Caffeine containing drinks such as tea, coffee, cola or chocolate may cause overacidity and consequent indigestion.  They also contain factors which interfere with the absorption and utilisation of vital nutrients.
·       Do drink herbal teas and warm water (not chilled or cold) with meals as these can assist digestive processing.
·       High fat and spicy foods, and chilled or iced foods slow digestive processes down and can create bloating and indigestion problems.
·       Consuming lightly cooked, low fat, and minimally processed or additive free foods increases nutrient absorption and optimises digestion.
·       Excess raw cold food can aggravate digestive problems.  Steam or bake vegetables for easier digestion, and avoid chilled and iced foods such as icecream or iced milky drinks.
·       Certain high fiber foods eaten frequently can enhance regularity and increase digestive enzyme activity – pineapple, mango, pumpkin, taro, kumara, and well-cooked grains such as rolled oats and brown rice can help to decrease congestion.

Research, Composition and Extraction
HeriPoly® is a formulated therapeutic product developed by Professor Yi Huai Gao, Honorary Riddet Fellow of the Riddet Institute of New Zealand. 
Extensive research indicates that bioactive polysaccharides derived from Ganoderma mushroom combined with other active herbal ingredients can enhance and rejuvenate cell functions, including detoxification, repair, and regeneration.  The pharmacological value of Alpha natural medicine formulations is centred on three fundamental features – accurate chemical composition, researched therapeutic dosage levels, and precise quantities of active ingredients.  Formulation ingredients are also required to be complementary and synergistic in their actions in order to achieve safe, stable, and effective final products with maximum efficacy. 
Alpha formulations are based on the prescriptions and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine restructured to contemporary standards by utilising advanced internationally patented technology to ensure products that have maximum concentration and bio-activity with relevance to today’s specialised health requirements.

Recommended Dosage:
Per 500mg capsule:
Adults:  2 capsules per dose.  Take 2 doses daily, or as per health practitioner prescription.
For optimal results take 1 hour before or after meals.

Contraindications & Precautions:
Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

TAPS Approval No: PP4958

Active Ingredients:
1) Ganoderma lucidum extract
Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi / Reishi Mushroom) contains valuable polysaccharides, lipids, and proteins which have beneficial effects on the digestive system: 
•                Support of normal gastric acid secretions;
•                Calming and soothing for the nervous system;
•                Supports the activities of superoxidase dismutase (SOD) in the stomach and duodenum. SOD is a natural body enzyme which assists in reducing free radical activity that can damage digestive mucous membranes;
•                Supports the restoration and growth of gastric mucosal cells.
2) Tremella fuciformis extract
Tremella fuciformis (Yin Er / Silver Ear Mushroom), is a well-known herbal nutrition tonic:
•                Traditionally used to support digestive immunity, protecting against infection and assisting detoxification.
•                Rich in dietary fibre, it supports gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduces fat and cholesterol absorption;
•                Supports healthy levels of superoxide dismutase antioxidant (SOD) in the liver, assisting with detoxification and reducing free radical damage.
3) Taraxacum officinale extract
Taraxacum officinale (Pu Gong Ying / Dandelion), is a renowned perennial herb containing a variety of nutritional elements including alpha linolenic acid, pectin, inulin, vitamins and minerals, and large quantities of alkalinising potassium. Taraxacum has liver stimulating properties which can help to relieve congestion and irregularity.
4) Crataegus pinnatifida extract
Crataegus pinnatifida (Shanzha / Hawthorn) is a well-researched herbal that supports the digestive system with its soothing and anti-oxidant effects.  These are mainly due to its high polyphenol content, notably Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, Quercetin, and Epicatechin.  
5) Paeonia lactiflora extract
Paeonia lactiflora (Baishao / Chinese Peony) is a common herb in Chinese medicine formulas.  It has a strongly calming action on irritated digestive mucosa and assists with gastric disorders and gastric infections. 
6) Codonopsis pilosula extract
Codonopsis pilosula (Dangshen / Bellflower) belongs to the Campanula family of plants and is a common Chinese medicinal herbal used to assist in reducing excess gastric acidity and to stimulate the appetite.  Codonopsis is well-known as an adaptogen, a type of herb that non-specifically enhances and regulates the body’s ability to withstand stress.

HeriPoly® Advantages:
1)      A scientifically formulated and combined compound containing pure extracts of Ganoderma lucidum, Tremella fuciformis, Taraxacum officinale, Crataegus pinnatifida, Paeonia lactiflora, and Codonopsis pilosula.
2)      A guaranteed high potency product manufactured with internationally patented technology using low temperature, low pressure extraction, multi-level biochemical isolation, activation and preparation techniques to ensure the efficacy of the herbal formulation.
3)      Quality control that vigilantly monitors the integrity and compatibility of ingredients, accurate dosage, and correct chemical structure of the product formula. 
4)      Supports the repair of damaged gastric and intestinal mucosa, aiding gastrointestinal comfort and optimal function.
5)      Aids digestive assimilation and absorption processes, strengthens stomach activities, and benefits intestinal and bowel regularity.