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– The Secret of Skin Luster –


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NZ Formula Quality Health Supplement

Purely natural • High quality • High-concentrate • Highly effective

Ingredients – marine collagen (containing collagen and elastin)


  • A clinical study fHealth Tipsor the product with 44 women aged over 40 taking part, the measured response showed a significant effect on 71% of subjects: A 19% decrease in the appearance of deep wrinkles was observed after just 28 days.
  • Both the larger and smaller size molecules of hydrolyzed marine collagen are highly penetrative and can be quickly absorbed into the skin surface.
  • The composition of marine collagen is close to that of the amino acids in human type I collagen: Its effects in stimulating the skin cortex are almost identical to those of human collagen amino acids.

Health Benefits:

  • Provides anti-wrinkle support, and makes the skin look healthier and younger
  • Helps moisturize and nourish hair and keep it soft and supple
  • Collagen and elastin together render the skin supple and elastic, and improve the appearance of wrinkles and roughness.

For people who:

– Want their skin to look younger and healthier

– Have dry hair or brittle and rough nails.

Recommended dosage:
Adults: 1-3 softgel capsules daily, for best effect taken on an empty stomach or before sleeping.The best time for the body to make use of collagen for skin repair is during the Alpha sleep mode; this occurs 45 – 90 minutes after falling asleep.


  • Not recommended for people who are allergic to sea food
  • Not recommended for women during pregnancy or lactation.
  • Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet.


Collagen makes up more than 70% of our skin and is its main component.  Its 19 different amino acids have strong moisture absorption and moisture retaining properties; within the skin collagen forms into an elastic mesh that retains moisture and keeps the skin supple.  Collagen’s main function is to increase the strength and resistance of tissues, to maintain the integrity of the overall tissue structure, and enhance the cellular activity of skin tissue and prevent skin ageing.  After a certain age, the number of fibroblast in us that synthesize collagen decreases; collagen decomposition then outstrips the rate of its synthesis.  Early use of collagen supplements can offset its lost, and long term use can reverse the effects of skin aging, and give our a skin a younger look.

Use of animal collagen raises concerns over biological hazards, such as mad cow disease or foot and mouth, and the relatively larger size of its molecules means it can only moisturize the skin surface. Marine collagen has more than double the moisture retaining effect of animal collagen.  

Elastic Protein

This is also known as “elastic fibre protein” or “elastin”.  While collagen fibre accounts for 95% of dermal connective tissue, Elastic fibre is interwoven with collagen fibre into a three dimensional wrapping around the collagen.  Elastic fibre is relatively fine and appears as branch-like bifurcations in the dermis and epidermis; mature elastic fibre is constituted of more than 90% elastin.  Elastin and collagen are interdependent, and closely combined. The lack of either causes a decrease in moisture content in the dermis, and as the skin gradually loses its water-retention capability, skin wrinkles and sagging begin.   Elastin can effectively improve the skin’s connective tissue, promote cell regeneration, rendering skin firm and elastic.